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Youth Basketball organization in Montgomery County, MD


Our Vision Welcome to M.A.D.E. Basketball, an organization built around the whole mind and body approach with a “teach at all cost” attitude. Our primary vision is to introduce the game of basketball to players at 6 years old and prepare them at an early age for the rigors of the game. Footwork, court awareness spacing, changing levels, defensive angles, dictating shot selection, attacking properly, keeping possession, the one shot principles, fast break execution and proper shooting mechanics will transform every player’s level of play in a positive manner and elevate their mind. We aim to be the top basketball development facilitator in Maryland and look forward to opening a training facility. We are a powered by UNDER ARMOUR organization. M.A.D.E. Sports Unlimited 501 (c)(3) was created with the sole purpose to help others. Growing up as an African America girl in Lincoln park, the ghetto of Rockville, I saw disadvantage youth, drugs, gangs, and a lack of life experience. My mothers commitment to education and sports kept me on the right path. My hope for M.A.D.E. Sports Unlimited is to hold free basketball training all over the United States, visiting a different city every other month. We also want to set up a assistance fund for families deserving an impactful sports experience with an organization and nationally. Lastly, the establishment of a wellness program for players, is necessary to combat mental illness and obesity. Mission Statement It is our mission to provide an impactful basketball and educational experience for players and families who believe in doing it the right way. We want to promote a positive attitude, self-empowerment, and confidence through small accomplishments and mental and physical toughness. Our motto is “My Attitude Determines Everything” and we understand it is our responsibility to model the words we teach to our athletes. The implementation of the ABC system is our foundation for the way we act on the court and off the court. Providing a safe, enriched and rewarding experience through critical thinking practices, complete athlete training, and building lasting relations with all involved is our primary focus. About Us M.A.D.E. Basketball was established in September 2011 with the simple idea of bridging the gap between high level travel basketball and recreational basketball. The president, Tori Moten, played locally at Richard Montgomery HS and went on to receive a Division 1 basketball scholarship to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She has had the opportunity to coach 3 years on the middle school level, 9 years on the varsity level and 14 years at the AAU level. Our coaching staff is very strong from top to bottom, with many players playing at the collegiate level and Mark Alarie who played professionally. The primary focus is to create a system for players to filter through year to year while teaching them about having a strong work ethic, understanding failure, and success, gaining a competitive edge mentally, proper basketball techniques, etc. In addition to the goals we started with; however, we will make it our mission for players to be better at handling adversity, rebounding, absorbing contact/finishing and becoming all-around players.
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Tori Moten
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