Pit Boss of Lake Charles LLC

Lake Charles, Louisiana | Food Production

Pit Boss BBQ Sauce, Basting & Marinade Sauce, Cajun Spaghetti Sauce, and Gator Bait Hot Sauce

United States
811 Magazine Street
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70607
This is Pit Boss BBQ Sauce and a basting sauce/marinade. For starters, our slogan is classic. “Treat your meat” that is if you are going to cook chicken, beef, pork or any other edible food product that walks, flies or is grown. The sauce concept was born out of the belief we could make a sauce that would taste good and not irritate gentle stomachs. We’ve taken flavors from the region and put them together to create our own flavor. We wanted to conquer the heartburn that some sauces cause but keep the flavor. That means the sauce is made with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, herbs, spices and other goodies that a discriminating barbecue sauce lover appreciates. Unlike some sauces we’ve eaten, onions aren’t the dominant flavor. We believe in our product, cooking with it regularly. Grilling is one of our favorite methods of cooking. We keep a bag of charcoal in our truck bed and we will grill at a moment’s notice. Our goal is getting Pit Boss in becoming a household standard across the area. This will eventually be a hometown-guys-make-good story. A recent Lake Charles American Press editorial encouraged area readers to eat more Louisiana products. Pit Boss is one of those, and of the 16 ingredients in the sauces, only three originate outside of Louisiana. And that’s because we can’t get them here. There are lots of barbecue sauces on store shelves. Everyone has likes and dislikes about the products that are already present. Still, if a bottle of marinade or sauce is good, there’s a good chance the product will sell. We think Pitt Boss is what a lot of people in the market place want. We invite you to try our BBQ Sauce, Basting Sauce & Marinade, Gator Bait Hot Sauce, and our soon to be world famous Cajun Spaghetti Sauce. Oui, C’est Bon Cher!!!
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Food Production
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State_Cert, Other_Cert
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Lake Charles, Louisiana
BBQ Sauce, Basting Sauce, & Gator Bait Hot Sauce... Treat Your Meat with our no grease BBQ Sauce and leave heartburn behind. Be the Boss of your Pit with Pit Boss BBQ Sauce

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Debra Duplantis

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Debra Duplantis
Owner Since: 11/19/2014
Ownership Percentage: 100

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