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The Skinny Mirror boosts self-confidence and body image through positive visual affirmation by giving the user a subtle slimming reflection (5-10 lbs)


The Skinny Mirror, founded in 2012, believes “Perception is Motivation”. The company’s mission is to inspire each person to see themselves in a more attractive way by combating our media ideals with a subtle, yet believable, slimming reflection (5-10 lbs). When we see ourselves as more attractive, we begin to act in a way that is more attractive to the people around us. The Skinny Mirror is unique in the way that it imprints a positive "mental image" of your SELF every time you look in it, encouraging a more positive attitude that you carry with you throughout the day. Our frames are made from eco-friendly, recycled, reclaimed or salvaged wood, and manufactured here in the USA by skilled craftsmen in our warehouse. The Skinny Mirror serves both individual consumers and businesses (retail dressing rooms, hotels, spas and salons). Customers say it has motivated them to eat healthier and exercise because they actually like what they see in the mirror without all the stress of trying to reach an ideal weight, size, etc. Each consumer model comes with our 10 Day Exercise Challenge consisting of 10-60 second exercises to remind you how amazing your body is, regardless of size. Currently, there are no known competitors.
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Sand City, CA 93955
Subtle Slimming Reflection (5-10) lbs The Skinny Mirror Comparison The Bare Naked model
Subtle Slimming Reflection (5-10) lbs

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Belinda Jasmine

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Belinda Jasmine
Owner Since: 2012
Ownership Percentage: 100

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