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Business Directory

Promote yourself and your business with a listing in our Woman Owned Business Directory. Your listing will be visible to the public and will increase your chances of working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies or a government agency. These businesses want to work with women owned businesses to meet contract requirements. Use the directory to network with other small business owners and create partnerships.

Grow your company & promote yourself to potential partners.

woman owned business directory
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  • Details of your profile help your business be found in the directory:

  • 1

    Company Name or Keyword Search

    Viewers can find your business by company name or by keywords. Add keywords to your summary wisely and be found.

  • 2

    Refined Search Results

    Users who search the directory can find your business profile by your location, industry, certifications and company size.

  • 3

    NAICS Codes

    Your NAICS code will help agencies and organizations find you for procurement programs.

  • 4

    Business Directory Listing

    Basic details about your company will help visitors identify who you are and what you do.

  • 5

    Profile Image

    Your company logo or business photo will be displayed for users to easily recognize.

  • 6

    Business Certifications

    Visitors can instantly see your business certifications by scanning the directory.