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Cosmetics line made with healing crystals

United States
10938 Riverside Rd
Caldwell, Idaho 83607
I am trying to start a new cosmetics line made with healing crystals and needing to pay for formulations, website building, samples as well as all starting orders for my entire line. There is also legal fees and costs for trademark, patents, packaging, labeling, branding, etc. I already have the line sent over to a lab that is able to formulate the products and a semi business plan set up as well. I am a single mom of 2, have nothing to my name and need as much help financially that I can get. Any and all of the funds will be used 100% towards the business. Anything left over after initial starting costs would be set aside for future purchases with the business and to pay employees if I need to hire any. The line has amazing potential and there is nothing on the market that is comparable either. There is one company, colour pop, who used 2 crystals in several products last year and within 24 hrs of releasing they were sold out online. Like I said though other than that there is nothing else like it on the market, my product will speak to women all over the world in all shapes, sizes, ages and color. I have 9 products total with numerous different purposes and colors for light, medium and dark skin tones. Lab fees start at 2700 and will be credited to the minimum order total once the product has been tested and approved. I have estimated costs to be at least 20,000 start up but again will make amazing profit and benefit in more ways then just a Cosmetic.
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Elaina Bennett

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Elaina Bennett
Owner Since: 2018
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