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Women only Health Club serving all ages and abilities. Intimate facility where "we know your name!"


Lady Be Fit Express, serves women of all ages and fitness levels. The studio is privately owned and operated by Dale Anne Heffer, a resident of Irondequoit, NY. Lady Be Fit Express offers a 30 minute exercise circuit which will target all major muscle groups and give you a complete cardio workout at the same time. A Fitness evaluation is included with membership consisting of periodic Weight, Measurement, BMI, and fitness plan. Individual training is provided on high quality, Easy To Learn Hydraulic exercise equipment which works the muscles in the same way as swimming and is just as safe! There is less muscle soreness or injury with this type of exercise and beginners can workout next to long time members and each receives a workout that challenges her own abilities! For those wanting to add variety to their workout, additional equipment includes a treadmill, stationary bikes, Ab Bench, Gazelle, Ab Lounge, Linex Tower, weights and more! Also offered are classes such as Zumba, Fitness Hooping, Yoga and more. Women find the fitness studio cozy and comfortable. The non-competitive, friendly atmosphere is just right for those who find larger co-ed gyms intimidating. Members report they have more energy, feel more toned, sleep better as well as lose weight and/or inches!
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Recreational Facilities & Services
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Sole Proprietor
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Rochester, NY
Storefront Owner Dale Hula Hooping Yoga class
Oldest member, Ruth on the shoulder press

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Dale Heffer

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Dale Heffer
Owner Since: 2005
Ownership Percentage: 100

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