Priaire Girl Wine Bar

Brighton, Colorado | Wine & Spirits

Brighton, Colorado's First Wine Bar!

United States
121 North Main Street
Brighton, Colorado 80601
Recently, as I stuck my nose in a glass of wine, I was transported to a wine bar close to home, cozy, comfortable, non-pretentious. Wait, there is no wine bar close to home, in Brighton. I love wine, I love adventure, being around people, innovation, trying something new and seeking growth outside my comfort zone. Hello Prairie Girl Wine Bar! Who knew a smell could do that! And here I am jumping headlong in to the world of wine. I am opening a wine bar in Brighton, a place to belong, to hang out, to learn about wine, to grow your palate, a place to make you smile! My most lofty ambition is to help folks enjoy their lives. I will do this by jumping up and down about the joys and wonders of wine, completely possessed with the conviction that wine is a grocery, not a luxury! When my work is done, people will come to Prairie Girl Wine Bar, like people do the world over- at lunch, at dinner, with food, family, and friends. It doesn’t matter what it is, how you drink it, what you pair it with- just, as long as, it makes you smile!
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Wine & Spirits
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Brighton, CO
Prairie Girl Wine Bar is in the business of providing wine expertise while building relationships over a memorable glass of wine, being part of building momentum to grow historic downtown Brighton.

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Jennifer Vander Meer

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Jennifer Vander Meer
Owner Since: 2016
Ownership Percentage: 100

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