Stade Forestry Works Plus Inc

Rock Hill, United States | Environmental Services

Specializing in Land Clearing and Property Reclaiming

United States
PO Box 36933
Rock Hill, United States 29732
Our company’s services are clearly different from the traditional land clearing cleared by the “scrape, haul, burn” methods. Land that is cleared by forestry mulching is done by superior mulching with soil stability and fertility. By using our forestry mulching services your land will be cleared less expensively than traditional methods with a lot less environmental costs and issues such as air pollution from burning and erosion. At Stade Forestry Works Plus, Inc., we clear land by utilizing a CAT 299D2 XHP skid steer with the full forestry mulching package built in. This superior mulching technique results in greater soil stability and fertility with less chances of erosion. And, no burning of tree/brush debris is necessary. We clear right of ways, land near roadways, trails for hiking, trails for hunters, fence lines, property lines, acreage, pastures and much more.
Business Categories
Environmental Services
Business Type
S Corporation
Operating Cities
South Carolina and North Carolina primarily; will travel
2 - 4
CAT 299D2 XHP skid steer with the full forestry mulching package Before-During-After Pasture Land - Before-During-After

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Susan Stade

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Susan Stade
Owner Since: April 2018
Ownership Percentage: 75

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