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Due to the lack of a better word, it’s called Virtual Realty Travel, I prefer to call it Pre-Travel...... To understand what I am talking about, please see ...... I designed a device that’s close to the Holo suite in Star trek, I call it “The Poor Man’s Holo Suite”...... The travel industry, barely getting out of the 13th century, when it comes to travel.... We depend on Travel catalogs more and our own experiences in these locations, if any... We must spend up to 2 hours or longerrrrrrrr (week/month) to convince couples on a trip... Then there is the possibility they will cancel out !!... Travel with Louie, is Pre-travel.... You will see exactly where you are going, the hotel, rooms, restaurant’s, excursions, airline, as if you were already there, without leaving a presentation room..... The device will sell the trip for you !!!!... Other applications available, It could be used for: 1) Make A Wish Foundation 2) St Jude Hospital 3) Invalids 4) Therapy 5) Education 6) Etc…… ...... Financial:  The goal of the business is be “Both” a Profit Business and a Nonprofit, Internationally!  My goal is to have at least 2,000 International agents in the first year and half being Veterans.  You are not only helping me, but you will be helping many others as well. You’ll start out earning 80% of the total commission payout, and once you have received commissions of at least $5,000 within a rolling 12 month period, you’ll receive 90% of the total commission! .... $4,000 cruise/land vacation Commission Rate......16% Total Commission.....$640 Agent Split................ 90%*** Your Commission.......$576 per person ..... As well about 10% over ride on agent’s income per month, below me..... Low Ball---(Bad Agents)  1 Month  $300 (1 one sale) a day x 25 days = $7,500 month x 10% = $750  $750 x 2000 agents =$ 150,000 a month Medium Ball (Ok agents)  1 (one) agent only sells, 1 (one couple) trip a day = $1,152  25 days x $1,152 (couple) = $28,800 x.10% = $2,880 a month.  $2,880 x 2000 = $5,760,000 per month High Ball ( LOL )
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“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With”

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