Building Trust With Clients

Building trust with other people can be an uphill climb. But it doesn't have to be. Remembering a few basic rules of thumb will ensure your good reputation with clients and potential clients from the very beginning. Establishing trust is essential if your business venture is to succeed.

Make a great first impression

Always be aware of even the simplest interactions in your day and strive to make them positive. The person at the post office, the business owner next door, or the local librarian could be your greatest resource.

Make yourself a likable person

Be the person with whom you want to do business. There is a reason you gravitate towards certain people. Study how they act or interact with others and try to emulate this person.

Listen to your clients

Make a conscious effort to do more than just hear. Your clients and your customers can tell when you are not listening. It's important to keep in mind that true listening is being able to understand what is said.

Take a sincere interest in others

Try to get to know your clients beyond the business transaction. You don't have to be best friends, but knowing a little about their background or interests can enhance your relationship.

Be enthusiastic about your product or service

Your clients will be able to tell if you truly believe in what you are doing, or if you are only working for the paycheck. Don't be afraid to show your energy and confidence. These traits will pay high dividends.

Help your clients find solutions to their problems

Offer solid assistance so your clients will not feel or act helpless in regards to your products or services.

Be honest and upfront

Don't hide things from your clients. It’s okay to say that you are unsure or that you have to research an answer. This is better than lying or not answering at all. Be clear about your business’ capabilities and let the client know what may need to be outsourced to another business.

Always follow-up to be sure your client is satisfied

The periodic phone call or e-mail after the product or service has been delivered will set you apart from your competition. Most new business comes in the way of a referral from a satisfied customer.

Exceed the customer's expectations

Make sure that your customer wants to come back to you again and again because they trust you.

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