Woman Owned Launches New Membership Website

WomanOwned.com has launched a new website and business directory. The new directory will be a quality source for finding women-owned businesses and the grant database will give one-stop access to thousands of grants.

Access to Thousands of Grants

Finding information about grants has been a challenge for many years.  Women business owners and start-up businesses have asked for a single location to research and apply for grants and WomanOwned has found a way to provide that information.  We are now offering a powerful search system to access thousands of grants that cover multiple categories and US state programs.  Each grant profile includes the information needed for the business owner to evaluate the purpose of the grant and links to learn more and apply.  The grant database is updated on a daily basis so that the information is always fresh.  Access to the Grants Database is part of the membership benefits at WomanOwned. 

Women Owned Business Directory

Fortune 500 and government agency buyers have requested the WomanOwned membership database for many years so they can find businesses that meet the criteria for women business initiatives.  WomanOwned has created an online directory with business information, photos and social media links to help small business owners promote themselves to these buyers and others who are searching for them.  The Business Directory provides them with customized pages that feature their business logo, owner photo, business description, product photos, links to web and social media, and more. 

Vendors Compete for Your Business

The new WomanOwned.com website has expanded the Business Tools section to enhance the types of items that are offered to solve business problems.  Business Tools is a special section where multiple vendors will compete to win your business in the following areas:  Business and Health Insurance, Employee and HR Services, Websites and E-Commerce, Credit cards and Merchant Accounts, Direct Mail Campaigns, PBX Phone Systems, Office Furniture, Short Term Loans, Business Cash Advance, Marketing and Sales, Collection Agencies, and VOIP Phone Systems.

About WomanOwned

Established in 1997, WomanOwned.com is a resource to women business owners around the world. The website provides online business information and networking assistance, as well as resources on how to start-up, manage and grow a business.  WomanOwned and Christina Blenk has been mentioned through media outlets like Oprah, ABC News, CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

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