Women-Owned Businesses on the Rise – Find Out Why

According to the NFWBO (National Foundation of Women Business Owners), women-owned businesses have grown significantly over the past 7 years. As of 1999, about 38% (9.1 million) of all firms in the US are women-owned. Now, more than ever women have access to the tools and support to be a success in today’s “Corporate America”.

Why are women businesses growing at such a rapid pace?

Women are more likely to place an emphasis on networking and resource building. This results in a more diversified business with a better chance of survival. Women place a greater emphasis on the business relationship, which often leads to customer loyalty and increased referrals.

Whether you are a successful woman entrepreneur or just starting your business, now is the time to focus your attention on networking. Other women business owner’s can be a wonderful asset to your business. They can provide much needed information regarding suppliers, marketing, and industry trends. We recommend that you contact business owners outside of your local area to reduce feelings of competition. A second networking strategy is to contact women business owners in your area to form a networking group. See details about forming a networking group by clicking here.

The Internet is an excellent place to network your business. There are several sites that are devoted exclusively to women businesses. Check out a few of these sites:

Another good resource is your local Chamber of Commerce, your local SBA office, or your State Representative. Ask for your State Women Business Development Office. They can direct you to many local organizations that you can use to develop contacts in your area.

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